Cheap Garden Shed – To Save And Enjoy

Money! The one constant that limits thought of undertaking a project like building your own backyard shed. After wrestling with how much you can spend, next comes how to build a shed? The construction of a storage shed has become quite simple. You can actually save money while having the exhilaration of completing the project. This is where some tips can save the budget.

Your project will have a schedule and you must be able to dedicate the necessary time and energy. Do not engage people who constantly opine in a negative fashion. Your project will be an achievement that will make you proud. The money savings will be an added benefit.

The “6 P Method (Prior planning prevents p**s poor performance)” is most important step for a beginner. Searching the web for inexpensive but quality kits starts the savings process on the right foot. You kit should include material list, step-by-step plans, and types of tools that will be needed to complete the project. To save money, you should have access to a source for wholesale material. If not, then your favorite lumber store would be next. Some kits may have the material already included for an additional fee. Again, the budget will dictate the path.

If you have some experience with wood working and reading plans, then a less expensive kit will help the budget. If “newbie” is your title, then spending a little more for the plans might be money well spent. The plans are written to be followed in a precise order to insure the project is completed correctly. Having the door where the window should be will take more money to complete the storage shed than doing it right the first time. So be faithful to the designers who have done this before. Stay the course.

Your friends and neighbors network can be very helpful with advice and may even provide some material, tools and labor. Socialize your project to gather left-over items that will enhance the savings to you. If this shed is to be a show piece, then maybe you would not want to re-cycle items that will cost as much money to upgrade them and to purchase new. Do not be penny wise and pound foolish. Every step has a cost to time component. Think a little before making a decision.

Maybe you have been doing other projects around the house and have a good rapport with the sales team at the hardware type store. They may have information on sales of items you will need. There are many stores that buy items in bulk. There may be deals to be had. But again, everything you do has a cost to time related value. To save money may cost more time and stall the progress of the shed construction.

Best practices will make the building of the garden shed less daunting. Choose the path within the budget that leads to less stress. Read the plans from start to finish. This will allow the mind to absorb and sense the rhythm of the project. When you do start the project, a deja vu moment will occur. This will have a calming influence and build a can do attitude. Good luck and have an uplifting experience.

Understanding Failure Rates in Multi Level Marketing Is Key to Avoiding Failure

If you are, or have been, in a home business then you have probably been given the playbook from your upline.  It may sound familiar:

  • Put together a list of people you know and talk to them
  • Talk to people you meet when you’re out shopping, at a restaurant, etc
  • Hand out company literature twice/day
  • Follow-up
  • Invite to a meeting
  • Sign someone up in your business and train them to do the exact same thing as you
  • Rinse, Repeat

This technique has obviously worked for a great number of people, as network marketing has produced many wealthy individuals.  But the flip side is this cold, hard truth:  97% of network marketers fail. Why do they fail?  The video “Do Most People Fail”  by Tim Sales may shed some light.  Essentially, he talks about those individuals who quit their business.  But let’s dig a little deeper…why do they quit?

In many cases it comes down to training.  These individuals are presented with a terrific business opportunity.  They are told they will have the full support of their upline.  All you need to do is follow their business model and they will help you put more people into your business.

Sadly, this does not happen as often as it should.  And as the weeks turn to months, and the months to years, people become frustrated and quit.  The system that can be “duplicated easily” just did not work for them.  Why?  If a person is truly concerned with making their business work, is willing to put the effort into it, and they are given a system that has worked for others, it should work for them, right?  So tell me again why 97% fail in their network marketing business.

My opinion is this:  The system may be easily duplicated, but that does not necessarily mean it will always work for everyone.  The reason is quite simple…people lead different lives.  Not everyone has a multitude of contacts with which to interact.  Not everyone has the time to travel around talking with people.  Not everyone has the courage to approach complete strangers at the grocery store and start a conversation.  Not everyone has the starting cashflow to run advertising campaigns or purchase telephone leads (which, in my humble opinion, are only good for training purposes…but that’s the subject of another post).

So what is a person to do?  Easy.  Find a system that DOES work for you, even if it means going completely against what your upline is telling you.  If you have given their system an honest attempt and just don’t have any success with it, don’t be afraid to go in a different direction.

Instead, play to your strengths.  Join a group, utilize social media like Facebook, shoot videos of yourself and post them on YouTube, write articles and submit them on an article submission sites such as, go to a lecture or seminar, attend a health fair, etc.  Think about what you do really well or spend time doing, and then try to work in into your business.  “Hide not your talents.  They for use were made.  What’s a sundial in the shade?” ~ Ben Franklin.

Personally, I have tried many of these techniques.  Some have been successful, some have not.  I am currently seeing good results from hosting my own video web tour.  Regardless, what has worked for me may or may not work for you.  The secret is finding your comfort zone by trying different methods.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference. ~ Robert Frost

All About The Empower Network

If you are a regular visitor of the internet, then you can never fail to come across the words Empower Network. It is true to say that these two words have caused a stir among many internet browsers. This has also lead to the rise of many websites that try to explain what it is and how it functions.

The rise of all these sites is positive since it aims to educate many people about the benefits of this initiative. Much has been said about it. However, if you are a keen observer of such articles that give such information, you might discover some limitations that ought to be corrected in this piece of writing.

Most websites will give you shallow information about this system and its significance. These articles are based on outlining the points without giving many details. This main reason motivated the writer to come up with an informative piece of writing that sheds more light about this scheme and its benefits for the members.

This alternative was founded by David Wood. At the first stages of its launch, not many people knew about it. The online marketing scene had lost the confidence of the public because of various reasons. Most members were not realizing the benefits of ordinary marketing schemes. However, its popularity started to rise because of the following reasons.

This project mainly concentrates on giving the members the power to control their business. As the name suggests, the new member is given the power to run the promotion. For those who are interested in joining, the administration launches a blog for the new arrival. This means that there is no need to form a website. After that, the new arrival is given some educational tips to make sure that they know how to progress.

Expertise and experience are not considered when registering. You will be assured of earning hefty pay, just by running the blog. The education given by these experts is meant to teach you how to attract bloggers to check the products. Then, per every sale, you earn from it.

Earning is obviously the best part of this process. This opportunity offers the chance for the marketers to earn from their efforts. If you have ever heard of a hundred percent commission, then this is the option you have been hearing of. It gives you whatever you have earned, without reducing any percent. Normally, it is very rare to find firms that give their members the whole amount from what they have toiled for. Usually, such firms will want to have a share, and of course, they will take the larger percentage. But for this alternative, you are allowed to enjoy full commission of work done.

You might be wondering how Empower Network pays the members. In fact, these members can control how they earn. The income is generated anytime a sale is done. Similarly, the money is taken to the bank and processed into your account. This means that you become self employed.

I invite you to learn more about the Empower Network. and you can see for yourself what an amazing opportunity this is.